Technical textiles for the most diverse requirements

Gorilla Protect GmbH was founded by Nova Textil-Beschichtung GmbH, which has been in existence since 1999, in the 2020 pandemic.

The aim was to develop antiviral and antibacterial masks that protect the wearer from viruses and bacteria. This is how the unique Catus MP masks came about, which are cotton-based and have a microporous filter coating. The concept, which played a major role in the development of the masks, is now also being pursued in the development of other technical textiles.

Gorilla-Protect GmbH develops and produces REACH-compliant products exclusively in Germany with German and European raw materials. The aim is to develop application solutions that protect people and the environment and at the same time make your business successful and sustainable.

The Gorilla PicTacX series are PVC and solvent-free PET textiles, which, with their unique product properties such as reversible adhesive, adhesive, Velcro, enable more flexibility and sustainability in the field of photo laboratories, museum, interior design, sports events, advertising technology, POS, trade fair and event communication.

The use ranges from backlighting, wall decoration, wall tattoos, opaque applications to photorealistic art reproductions.

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